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To complete the Agriscience Pathway and be an Agriscience Completer by the time your graduate, you must take the following courses:
Year 1: Agriscience 1 (Meets a-g elective requirement)
Year 2: Agriscience 2 (Meets a-g elective requirement)
Year 3: Advanced Agriscience & Mechanics
Year 4: Any Ag. Elective or other course in the Ag. Dept.
The Loyalton Agriculture Department is proud to offer many courses that meet the UC/CSU a-g approved requirements. We offer:
1. Agriscience 1 & 2: a-g college prep elective requirement
2. Ag. Biology: a-g life lab science requirement
3. Veterinary Medical Applications: a-g science requirement
4. The Art & History of Floral Design: a-g visual arts requirement
5. Ornamental Horticulture: a-g college prep elective