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Counseling and Social Emotional Learning

Counseling services are available to all students., grades 7-12. We have one counselor on-site two days per week and we also contract the online services of Tiny Eye (https://tinyeye.com/about-us/) that provides California accredited therapists who can meet with students via video. The counselors are available to help students who need someone to listen, help with friends, and to deal with many of the daily school issues. The main goal is to help your students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally in school. We assist students with:

developing a healthy self-concept
becoming aware of individual strengths and needs
acquiring positive coping skills in order to deal with tough issues
decision making
avoiding drug and alcohol use
mastering life-long learning skills such as responsibility, organization, self-advocacy and problem solving
celebrating positive body image
assertiveness skills
understanding responsibility
and other areas of academic, social, and career development.
Here are ways we support students:

Individual Counseling: 
Individual counseling is done weekly or as-needed basis.  Many anxieties and negative feelings can be eased or eliminated by having the chance to talk them out with someone.  Students can learn to set positive goals, take responsibility in making choices and improve their situations. A student can make an appointment to see the counselor at any time by stopping by the office.  A teacher or a parent may also recommend or request an appointment time.

Classroom Guidance Lessons for all students
Guidance curriculum for 7th and 8th grade students once per week in their Flex classes that includes unites on: 1) Goal Setting and Growth Mindset; 2) Bullying prevention and intervention, cultural awareness, drug and alcohol prevention, and career development, 3) Decision-making, 4) Managing Social Conflicts and Relationships