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Independent Study Options

Loyalton High School provides an independent study option for our middle school students (grades 7 and 8) in a part-time in-person format where students attend a classroom with individualized instruction three days per week. For information regarding this option for middle school independent study, please reach out to principal Megan Meschery at [email protected] or 530-993-4454 ext. 310.
LHS provides an IS option for high school students through Strides Online Learning Solutions. Strides offers online courses with their teachers that are California and UC/CSU a-g approved. While we don't recommend independent study due it's 100% online experience, we realize that for some students it is the only option due to the need to have a flexible schedule (elite athletics, performing arts, chronic illness, and other reasons). Additionally, LHS uses Strides Online Learning Solutions for students wishing to take an additional Advanced Placement or elective that LHS cannot offer in-person due to its small size and limited course offerings. For more information regarding independent study for grades 9-12, please reach out to our College & Career Coordinator Amanda Wattenburg at [email protected].